Case Studies

Case Studies

Explore the site and take time to read the case samples we have worked on. You or someone you know may be able to identify with the different emotions that these scenarios force people to deal with.


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24 year old female patient had a routine annual mammogram and no follow up

3 weeks later she received a letter from the clinic where the x-rays were done asking her why she had not returned for more test. She asked why she needed more “tests” and they gave her a vague answer. She schedule another visit to have “more tests”. She arrived for her appointment, and the tests were cancelled that day because of equipment malfunction. A week later she was once again scheduled for more tests. She was very frustrated. 3 hours later after having more mammograms with different views she was given some confusing information. At 6PM that night she was told she had a cyst, and that she should come back in 6 months for another breast ultra sound. At 8:30 PM she received a call from the Doctor telling her that she needed to have someone follow up with the cyst diagnosis. At 8:30 AM the next morning she received another call from the office assistant saying that she needed to see a surgeon.


Nurse Consultant:

  • Accompanied the patient for her mammogram and surgical consult per her request.
  • Helped her arrange for a second radiology opinion and a biopsy.
  • Assisted in coordinating her medical care team and creating a treatment plan.
93 year old female sustained a non traumatic femur fracture
48 year old male, diagnosed 2 years ago with Hepatitis C
6 Year old boy diagnosed with ADHD on medication, not improving
42 year old female was diagnosed after having biopsy with breast cancer.
33 year old new mother is critically ill following a hemorrhage after birth. She is in the ICU and desperately wants to see her baby in case she dies. But the hospital does not allow infants into the ICU and the mother can't be moved.