Healthy Leaders in the Workplace

It’s crucial to any organization that their management team (their leaders) perform at their peak performance mentally and physically throughout their long day, day in and day out.


Unfortunately, that’s not the case in many organizations as their leaders are lacking the energy and stamina that is required from them to effectively lead. Not that they don’t have the ability, it’s that they don’t make the healthy lifestyle choices to have sharp minds and healthy bodies to cope with the high stress, long hours and continuous demands.


“What I found over 20 years working with CEO’s and their executive management teams is they are truly good at their jobs and making money but through the high demands of their jobs and just life happening, have let their health slide.”


Karl Tettmann, Founder of Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders


In creating a healthy leadership framework with the Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders program, the results start to trickle down to all staff members. Everyone in the company should have access to take opportunity of a program that proactively supports a healthier lifestyle resulting in a happier and more productive workforce.


“Workers with high role overload are 5.6 times more likely to experience high job stress, and 3.5 times more likely to be absent from work due to emotional, mental, and physical fatigue.”


Lowe, Nov 2005, Graham S. Lowe PhD, FLSR Report


“The Canadian economy lost an estimated $16.6 billion last year due to absenteeism, according to a study by the Conference Board of Canada.”
– And –
“Absenteeism is more than a human resources issue,” wrote author Nicole Stewart in the 12-page report, titled Missing in Action: Absenteeism Trends in Canadian Organizations.”, author Lynda Nguyen the Canadian Press, Sept. 23rd, 2013


“Physically active employees take 27% fewer sick days and report 14-25% fewer disability days.”


Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008


So why aren’t more companies doing more about it? For one, there are no programs set up to address both physical and mental wellness for corporations that focus on preventative action. Until now.


Integrity Health Care Consultants has partnered with the Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders program to offer such an incredible program addressing preventative action and programs. From strengthening people’s health, providing support with their current and potential critical illnesses, and care of their elderly.


“Approximately 28% of employed Canadians are currently providing some form of unpaid caregiving for an elderly dependent.”


Duxbury, Higgens and Smart, 2011


“The estimated cost of absenteeism due to staff experiencing family to work interference is approximately $1.5 to $2 billion/year.”


Health Canada 2009


“As part of our customized health promotion, disease prevention program we like to analyze the absenteeism and sick time costs of the organization. Having this information along with the health screening results of the employees allows us to focus on keys areas of improvement to optimize the health of employees and decrease unnecessary costs to the employer. Really it’s a win – win situation.”


Jana Bartley, Founder and CEO of Integrity Healthcare Consultants


“The synergy of work that IHC brings to corporate aligns perfectly with the intentions of our Healthy Bodies and Minds program in that IHC provides a pre-assessment report, call it a snap shot of current health status of the company’s employees followed up with recommendations in the form of a customized program designed to keep employees at work, healthy . Most importantly their nurses work closely to provide support, guidance and motivation through the follow up process and accountability during our programs.”


Karl Tettmann, Founder of Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders


IHC specializes in on-site services including:

  • • health screening for early detection and risk assessment
  • • health coaching and guidance
  • • health promotion and disease prevention education
  • • chronic disease management
  • • medication management


With a customized wellness program employees have peace of mind knowing that their health is valued by their employer.


“The most interesting survey statistic was that, “86% of employees expect employer support for psychological help and 84% expect support for physical health”.


Sun life Assurance company, 2015 Canadian health index


“We find many employees are faced with difficult questions and decisions, as they struggle to balance their commitments to their family and their own health. Many employees work full-time and then after hours are expected to be a “care giver” to a friend or family member; they tend to neglect their health. More and more we are seeing young people diagnosed with chronic illnesses that if detected early could have prevented further health issues. That’s why our on-site services are so convenient because we come to you!”


Jana Bartley, Founder and CEO of Integrity Healthcare Consultants


The Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders 4 Month Program

The Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders program not only focuses on the employees physical health but also aligns their Power, Passion and Purpose with the Corporation’s Values.


Lack of confidence fuels unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep and lack of energy; resulting in weight gain. Carrying extra weight doesn’t make people feel confident in their workplace and brings on low performance energy. It’s an evil cycle that feeds itself.


Healthy Bodies Minds and Leaders recognizes that people want to do great things in their life and follow their passion but don’t know where their purpose is; their why. They are struggling to find their power.


In their journey to do so they get held back by mental chatter, negativity and self-disbelief. That continuous mental chatter feeds anxiety resulting in mental stress (the thoughts that keep you up at night) destroying self-confidence in the end.


The first step focuses on Body (fitness and health) to regain the body you want to feel good again like you’re wearing a SuperSuit every day.


Secondly, as confidence is strengthened through a healthy body we begin to work on bulletproofing Mindset. Mindset is all about finding power, passion and purpose – identifying goals and enhancing accountability to oneself. Creating a bulletproof mindset is accomplished by a consistent, repetitive daily program over a 4-month period focused on physical exercise, mental meditation and coaching support.


Imagine what this program can do for you and your team over the 4 months! The total package includes; the full 3-day immersion* weekend (program fee, hotel room, 3 meals and snacks each day), discovery of your Power, Purpose and Passion and how it aligns with your Corporate Values, customized workout routines, daily morning stretch and meditation video, customized nutritional food for the program for the first month, secrets of success components and much more including fun events throughout the day, and coaching support and monitoring for the full 4 months.


This 4-month program results in a bulletproof mindset and confidence for the whole team delivering leadership qualities.


*The 3 day immersion weekend provides access to a physiotherapist and nurse on staff during the weekend.


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