Jana was extremely instrumental in helping our family navigate the ‘treacherous waters’ of Ontario’s health care system as well as a liaison to our father’s doctors and nurses during a very difficult time for our family.  I don’t believe we could of done it without her assistance, knowledge and expertise in these areas!

Bruce C., Toronto, Ontario



When my neighbour first told me about Integrity HealthCare Consultants, and the concept of health professionals advocating in the interest of patients and their families, I thought it was a wonderful idea. It seemed to me at the time that an individual with language barriers, without family nearby to help, or with health or other challenges that may prevent them from navigating the health care system it would absolutely benefit them to have an experienced guide and advocate to assist them. I genuinely thought that this assistance would take the form of advice, explanation, ensuring understanding of diagnosis, treatment… All necessary things that many of us may take for granted that we can manage on our own.


I did not imagine that within months I would be in need of an Advocate to assist myself and my mother as we transitioned from Emergency to In-Patient care awaiting pacemaker surgery. It was through this experience that I understood how truly desperate the level of care delivered by our hospital system has become. When I left my mother in Emergency, waiting to move to In-Patient care, I thought, “mom is in good hands”. When I returned early the next morning, I found that she was uncovered and exposed from the waist up in a semi-private room off a high-traffic hallway, still caked in blood on her head and upper body from her fall the day before, with no possibility of toileting and no assistance to be had with diapering, no assistance to eat the breakfast that she had been provided or even to take a drink of water (both of her arms were incapacitated).


Knowing that I could not leave my mother without worrying about her I hired Jana, Nurse Advocate and founder of Integrity Health Consultants to help me help my mother. Jana was able to speak to the nursing staff on a level that I could not, and was instrumental in ensuring that my mother received assistance at the time of need. She accessed my mother’s chart and arranged for CCAC home care including physiotherapy and the safety equipment that my mother needed at home.


Jana gave me the words that I needed to use in discussion with hospital staff to ensure that my mother would receive the hospital and home-care assistance that she needed to fully recover. My mother has recovered, and is faring well. The letter I wrote to the Chair of Audit and Risk Committee regarding my mother’s care has received no response. Only Jana, our Nurse Advocate, has followed up to see how mom is doing.

Andrea F., Pickering, Ontario



I would have given up a long time ago if you were not there for Andree and me. You are the anchor I was hoping for. God bless you for standing with us thus far. I am sure you understand. One step at a time. Tom on behalf of Andree. Thanks again.

Tom C., Toronto, Ontario